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Every figure is different, that is precisely why a certain jeans can look great on one, but doesn’t work at all for the other. If you know your body type, you can accentuate your strong points and camouflage your weaker points.

The right jeans can make you look your best self. How do you know which jeans is right for you? To get you started we have selected the do’s and don’ts per body type. We selected the following body types:
  • Apple: little waist and slim legs 
  • Pear: tiny shoulders and voluptuous hips 
  • Hourglass: small waist, large bust and a full bottom
  • Rectangle: slim and straight figure, little waist 
  • Strawberry: broad shoulders, full bust and lean legs 
  • Athletic: slim, sporty, broad shoulders and straight hips 
Are you not sure in what category you fit, or are you a mix between two types? That is not strange at all, nobody is the same. Experiment with the different tips we give to find out what works best for you. In a while you will notice what works best for you!

The basic assumption is to choose the right colours in the right places. Combine darker, lighter colours and prints. Do you want to accentuate certain areas or hide them? Would you like to draw attention towards or away from? Let us advise you how to do this.
Written by Martens Fashion Group

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