Looking fashionable and fabulous every day without too much effort; what woman wouldn’t what that? Between a busy job, home life, and the demands of social engagements, it’s sometimes difficult to head out the door every day in style. For some, it comes naturally, while others spend half an hour hunting through their closets in search of that perfect outfit. But what makes the perfect outfit? And how do you put one together? One thing is certain: without the basics, you’re lost.


Kiss clutter goodbye

It all starts with a well-organized closet. If you have items of clothing that you haven’t worn in forever lying stashed away somewhere in the back of your closet, that’s when you know it’s time to do some serious spring cleaning. Take everything out of your closet, put it down on the bed and think about what you still want to wear in the months ahead. Maybe you’ll want to sell a lot of items. Or you’ll find articles of clothing you didn’t even know you still had.

It also helps to organize your closet by season. When summer’s just around the corner, you probably don’t need those bulky winter sweaters. So, store your out-of-season items somewhere where they won’t get in the way or take up too much space. This will help you keep an overview of your wardrobe and make it easier for you to choose a new look every day.

Finally, sort your clothes. And we don’t mean put the pants with the pants and the shirts with the shirts. Focus on the eye-catchers and your basic items of clothing. You’ll discover that it becomes much easier to decide what outfit to wear. Why? Because your essential clothing items are the foundation for your outfit.

Combine and arrange

That being said, it’s important to combine those basic essentials with your other more trendy options, the eye-catchers. Whatever you do, don’t think that your outfit is too basic. That’s exactly the mindset we need to turn around; we need to consider those essentials as the foundation of your outfit. And then you can arrange your look around it. For example, combine a flower print top with a stylish pair of straight jeans. Go for chic with a pair of high heels or switch to casual with trendy sneakers. You’ll discover that you’ll always be in style without the stress of having to decide what to wear every morning!

Ready to go

An organized closet at home saves time and gives you peace of mind. Take the time to declutter your closet more often and switch your wardrobe around each season, that way you won’t have to dig your way through your sweaters and cardigans to get to that one skirt. Keep your basic items together and use these as the foundation for your outfits, so you can easily match your flared jeans with a colorful top for a fabulous look every single time. Everything starts with the basics. Less is more!

Written by Martens Fashion Group

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