<FONT COLOR=black>How to style: A Strawberry body shape

Sweet, juicy, and sexy: the strawberry. This figure has broad shoulders and back, full breasts and slimmer legs and small buttocks. You may definitely see your breasts as assets and dress accordingly! But as with any other body type, a balanced silhouette is also important for the strawberry. Which clothes are the most effective? We’ll explain.

Like the athletic body type, the strawberry also focuses attention on the upper body. That means it’s also important for people with this figure to make this area appear less bulky and accentuate the legs. Wear clothes that draw attention away from your upper body, like plain tops with a V-neck. If you have an extra-full bosom, you could opt for a wrap top.

Pair these tops with trousers featuring eye-catching prints, details, and washes that draw attention to your slim legs. Especially go for lighter trousers instead of a dark colour. The best style to choose for your figure is Straight jeans. This is because they’ll ensure that the effect of your heart-shaped figure is not enhanced.

What not to do

Do not wear square jackets or shapeless, undetailed tops. This will give you a completely different figure than the one you have. We also advise against tops that are too tight or have shoulder pads or shoulders that fall beyond the natural shoulder line. This can make your broad shoulders look even broader and unbalance your figure.


In any case, there are plenty of options for things to wear with your sexy figure. So, show yourself off and be proud of your body!

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Written by Martens Fashion Group

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