<FONT COLOR=black>How to style: An Athletic body shape

Athletic women are slim and sexy, but don’t have much of a waist. This body type is very similar to the straight figure, but the difference here lies in the shoulders. The athletic figure has wider shoulders, straight hips, and a slim or even muscular figure. With an athletic figure, you may prefer not to look like a bodybuilder and want to emphasise your femininity. With the right clothes, this is very easy to achieve!

Many women often envy athletic figures. After all, they’re slim and sleek, which means they can wear a lot of different types of clothes. Even so, you still need to pick your outfits carefully. This is because the shoulders of these athletes are wider than the hips, so attention is quickly drawn here instead of to your long, slender legs.


It’s about balance

To create more balance for the athletic figure, it’s important to make the shoulders appear less broad and mainly emphasise the legs or feminine aspects. So, try to choose clothes that draw attention away from your shoulders, such as tops with a round neck or with slim-cut shoulders. Short dresses are also perfect for this body type.

We also recommend drawing attention to your legs. You can best do this by wearing jeans and trousers with eye-catching prints, details, and washes. For example, choose somewhat lower-cut or tight jeans, such as a Skinny or Legging. The Girlfriend is also a great style for you.


What not to do

We do not recommend dark colours for this figure type. This makes your curves even less visible, while they should be seen! If you still want to wear a dark wash, combine it with a light top.

Tops with spaghetti straps and prominent shoulders should be avoided. Shapeless shirts are not great for your figure either. Since you already have broad shoulders, this will be accentuated even more. That’s why it’s better not to choose masculine clothing style.

In any case, be happy with your figure, because you can really go in so many directions with your outfits!

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Written by Martens Fashion Group

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