<FONT COLOR=black>How to style: A Pear-shaped figure

You have narrow shoulders, but wide and rounded hips and buttocks. In other words, like so many other women, you have the very feminine pear-shaped figure. Lucky you, because a nice behind is currently in high demand! This figure can be tricky if you want to draw attention away from your hips, but we believe you can show off these shapes in a fantastic way. Show off those feminine curves and embrace your figure. In short: shake that booty!

A pear-shaped figure means you have full buttocks and rounded hips and thighs. Are you tired of the overwhelming attention on your buttocks and want to shift the focus to another part of your body? You can do this by putting more emphasis on your upper body. Simply wear lots of light colours, pretty patterns, and bold prints.

But of course, you should be very happy with your full bum! To show it off nicely, it’s best to wear high-waisted trousers. These offer a shaping effect. A tight, high waist is important for your figure, so that you have a good so-called “balanced booty”. The best jeans for your body shape include Bootcut and Straight jeans. They make your legs look optically longer and show everyone the strengths of your body. You can enhance this by going for an eye-catching top with the light colours, patterns, and prints we mentioned above.

Want to put extra focus on your hips? Go for a Skinny or a Legging. These will make your curves stand out even more! You can also pair these with an eye-catching top for the right balance.

What not to do
It’s better not to choose light-coloured jeans or trousers or those with striking patterns or prints. These will unbalance your figure and create a skewed image of your body. We also advise against tops with drooping or bare shoulders. As your shoulders may be quite narrow in relation to your hips, it’s better not to draw attention to this.

Whatever you choose, be happy with your beautiful figure and choose what suits you. Every pair of jeans looks and feels different for everyone. It takes some trial and error, but in the end, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect jeans!

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    Written by Martens Fashion Group

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