<FONT COLOR=black>How to syle: An Apple-shaped body

Do you have a slightly fuller chest, wide thighs, slim arms and legs and a straight waist? Then you have what the fashion world calls an apple-shaped figure. And we call it, sexy and juicy! You’ve got visibly feminine curves that you should celebrate and be proud of. Let’s take a look at how you can dress and which styles will make you look your best.

  1. Focus on your assets

For you, the secret formula is to add shape and flair to your upper and lower body. The effect you want, and can achieve with the right clothes, is to make your torso look less full, accentuate your legs, and create a waistline.

  1. Pick the right jeans

To make the above assets look their best, opt for jeans and trousers with a striking print and a fabric that is not too tight. For example, go for a flared Bootcut, but not wider than this model. Are wide trousers not your favourite? A Straight will also show off your body beautifully. Combine both models with a pair of trendy heels to create beautiful long legs.

  1. Avoid shapeless, tight tops

A shapeless, tight top does not go well with an apple body shape, as it offers no firmness and often accentuates the parts of your body you may want to tone down. We don't recommend long tops either, as they almost completely hide your curves. But what kind of tops should you wear?

  1. A blouse and shaped jacket

A smooth blouse in a plain colour with a V-neck; that’s the top you’re looking for. It will draw attention to your slender legs and beautiful shoulders and cleavage. With a shaped jacket, you choose to give your body a little more coverage, but still show off your figure beautifully. Go for a bright colour and become a true showstopper! Check out all our tops for your favourite.

  1. Don’t be Skinny

Skinny Jeans don’t suit your figure well, they make your torso look fuller in proportion to the rest of your body. You don't always have to opt for jeans either, of course. Accentuate your legs with a beautiful short skirt!

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Written by Martens Fashion Group

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