<FONT COLOR=black>How to style: An Hourglass body shape

Do you have an hourglass figure? Lucky you! You have the figure many women dream of: your shoulders are as wide as your hips and you have a relatively narrow waist. This gives you super-feminine and sexy curves. With an hourglass figure, the challenge is to accentuate your curves and waistline. 

But what exactly does an hourglass figure look like? As we just said, the width of your shoulders often equals the width of your hips. Your waist is narrower. This is why we call this body shape an ‘hourglass’. The great thing about this body type is that you probably have a full bosom and full buttocks. Some women struggle with this, so check out these tips below to dress your best.

  1. Focus on your waist

With an hourglass figure, it’s important to draw attention to your narrow waist to make your curvy shapes stand out even more. Therefore, avoid styles and fabrics that are chunky and shapeless.

  1. Opt for the right jeans

Of course, you want to find the right jeans and trousers to show off your figure at its best. Go for high waisted Leggings, Skinny Jeans, Slim Jeans or Trousers to add to the hourglass effect.

  1. Combine with the right top

With your beautiful curves, it can be difficult to find the right top. With the aforementioned jeans, you can perfectly combine NYDJ’s stylish tops. Thanks to your beautiful waist, your figure will stand out immediately. Go for basic jeans with a floral printed top or coloured trousers with a basic top. Would you rather wear something over your top? Check out our classic blazer. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Create balance

This is about the balance between loose and fitted. When choosing a loose-fitting jumper, always opt for a fitted bottom. This way, you make sure you accentuate the most beautiful parts of your body.

  1. Avoid shapeless clothes

It may sound logical, but when you choose loose-fitting clothes because you may not be happy with your figure, it often backfires. This is because it causes you to not show off the beautiful parts of your body! Be happy with how you look and wear the right clothes to show off your best sides.

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Written by Martens Fashion Group

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