There’s hardly a country where people don't wear jeans. The garment is casual and easy to combine with the rest of your wardrobe. Besides that, jeans are the ideal choice when you don't really know what you want to wear. With the vast amounts of jeans being produced every year, it's important to consider the impact of the intensive production process. That's why NYDJ introduced Water-Conscious Denim so we can reduce our environmental footprint. 


The production

The production of jeans is highly intensive. Did you know that the production of just one pair of jeans requires at least 8,000 litres of water? Jeans are worn all around the world and, as mentioned before, most people have more than one pair in their wardrobe. This means that, on average, tens of thousands of litres were used to produce just one person’s jeans. It also means that the jeans industry is one of the most polluting in the fashion industry, meaning that the highly intensive production process has a huge impact on the environment. The enormous amounts of water needed to produce a pair of jeans could also have been used for other purposes.


Sustainable jeans

NYDJ knows how popular jeans are. We also know how polluting the production process is and that something must be done to reduce its impact. That’s why we started using innovative technologies to reduce our water consumption several years ago. By integrating water-saving technologies into our production process, we have reduced our water consumption by 50%. Today, over 80% of our collection is made of Water-Conscious Denim. The jeans produced for NYDJ are washed in fully recycled water – saving millions of litres of water per year. We believe that this innovation contributes to a more conscious mindset when it comes to water and the fashion industry. So now you can contribute as well and shop consciously!

Curious about our Water Conscious Denim collection? Check it out here.

Written by Martens Fashion Group

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